Live-Editing Equipment

HD cameras
Normally we use high definition cameras with 50mbit for our work. e-motion-factory has a own small supply including a  SONY PMW-F55 with 4k CMOS sensor.  If needed we can book additional equipment over a special network of freelancers.Barco FSN 1400 vision mixer
This vision mixer stays at the center of our equipment.  You can connect up to 12 camera signals and create a program from it. A skilled dirctor can choose from abundance of helpful features like program preview, camera blending and display of additional text. The mixer has a big main screen which can be freely configured.
Streaming computer
To stream a program live over the net we have code it “on-the-fly” into a web friendly format. For this we use a special streaming machine which was special designed for encoding processes.

Often sound is supplyed from an additional source and there could be a delay beetwen the video and the sound signal. While synching is normally done in a postprocessing step we needed a possibilty to do this on the fly for live-events. For this we have a Audio-Delay-Unit which allows us to delay the Audiosignal for user choosen amount of time to synch it with the video signal.

A program differs in many ways from a pure video signal. For example: in concerts you have the title of each piece which will be played directly before the piece is played. So we use a laptop as titlegenerator. We can feed text, pictures, animations or complete videos into the live program.

A additional case contains a simple recorder to preserve the program for later use. In addition to our cameras, which are also recording seperatly, it gives you additional fail-safe stability and you can use the material at a later point.

Additional features of Streamingservice and Live-Events
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