You need the right equipment AND the right people for a job. Espcially the director and his team needs a lot of experience during a live-event. You have only one try.

We offer over 30 years experience in planning a live coverage and carrying it out.
Even before the foundation of e-motion-factory GmbH Barbara Thiel and Roland Mayer has been partizipated in realsing live coverage feeds. Thanks to their year long experience we can prepare for every possible situation.

4 years expierence in livestreaming

With the advancing development of broadband connectivity livestreaming has become a more and more viable option to reach a bigger audience.  e-motion-factory reacted and is well equipped to stream your live-event into the net.

Experienced dirctor for every szenario

During a live edit the director decides which camera signal goes into the program. He needs experience with live-events and routine with multi-camera-handling. Whats more he needs a keen sense and a good intution for what will look good. Most of our directors have year long experience in live-event coverage.

Additional features of Streamingservice and Live-Events
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