Streamingservice and Live-Events

Events, meetings , performances

A special area of expertise is the live coverage of events including immeadiate transmission. We will record the event with serveral cameras( Multi-Camera Handling ) and will create a broadcast-ready program at our mobile editing suite in realtime. This program can be shown on TV(Live-Coverage), broadcastet over the internet(Livestreaming) or shown on a big screen(Public Viewing).

By default we also record it in digital form for later use.

Multi-Camera Handling
Multipe cameras are used when one camera is not enough to cover the whole event. For example: if you have a really big stage or you want to show public reaction using only one camera would result in unnatural or frenzy camera movements. Using serveral cameras allows the director to simply switch or blend beetwenn two camera inputs.
e-motion-factory is using this technique for years and has a well-established team. Together we will put your Live-Event in the light it deserves..

Key Features: