Offshore Teams

When a company wants to produce a documentary, a image movie or an educational movie about their wind farms in the northern sea they will need a so called offshore team.

Everyone who works on the high seas needs special certified Qualifications. For example: If you work on a ship you need basic training in first aid and basic knowledge how to react in case of emergencys. If you accompany a Jack-Up ship to a wind farm or climb a windturbine your training need even more qualifications.

e-motion-factory has reacted to this requirement and equipped two complete camera teams with the neccesary certifications. We are able to shoot on Jack-Up ships, wind turbines or even from high sea helicopter rides. We already accompanyed the wind farms Global Tech 1 and Baltic 2 during their creation and short several high seas training and image movies.

Diese Ausbildung umfasst:

Basic Offshore safety induction and emergency Training (BOSIET)
Helicopter underwater escape Training (HUET)
Sea Survival Training
Working at Heights
Medical first aid
Fire Awarenes
Medical Examinations