Due to the fast development of the internet a good net presentation is almost required for every company. e-motion-factory offers the creation of webpages based on the wordpress system. If neccessary we can use typo3 or joomla too.
But we also have offers for privat persons.


Escpecially for companies a good website is important because it is the first impression for potential customers and partners. You gain a lot of advantages from a good website:

  • You can visualize your products and services a lot better than over the phone. You can use text, pictures, movies, diagramms or even 3D-Animation on the website.
  • We individualize the webpage to your specifications. You only need a picture and a short description how the interaction should work. Or we can make a design for You.
  • Over 50% of all people use mobile devices to surf the net. You won’t miss out with our responsive Design. The content adapt the display width.
  • WordPress contains a grafical content manage system so you can update our Websites without much technical knowledge yourself. Of course You can leave the whole administration to us if you like.
  • Most poeple don’t loose a thought to SEO( Search engine optimazion). Not us. It helps you to be found over search engines like google and greatly increase the range of your webpage.
  • On demand we create social accounts at twitter and facebook and connect your webpage content to it.
  • We add new features to your old webpages or rework them for You.

Private person

If you only want a quick, good looking web page, we can help you too. The blogsystem wordpress contains a lot of free themes and templates where we only need to make small adjustment for You so it is quick and inexpensive. We only need a picture and a short description how the the interaction with the webpage works and we implement that for You.
Since wordpress contains a CMS( Content manage system) you can simple log in the grafical user interface and adapt the content to a certain degree yourself and without technical knowledge.

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