Before your can start shooting and after the conception comes the planning stage. This is an immense logistical effort and lack of experience in this are can cost your a lot of money. That’s where we come in with our experience. e-motion-factory is planning and organising movies, live-events and brief reports and can help you to smooth this phase out.
This phase can be devided in following areas:

Choose movie type

There are different classes of movie types. You would shoot a image movie in another way than a reportage. This helps to estimated the necssary technik and personal effort and minimize the need to change stuff later on.

Creation of shooting schedules

Based on the script we will create a shooting plan. In his final version he contain day disposition which show where we will shoot , how long we shoot and what requistions we need there.

Organisation of movie shooting locations

Based on your budget, preferences and information from you we check out the shooting locations. We collect pictures and organise a visit for the director to check them out.

Organisation technical matters

Based on script and budget we collect list of neccessary technic. Primaly camera technic and the necessary parts and accessories like stativ, monitor and disk. Also light and sound equipment. In more expensive production this can also be helicopters, dolly and crane with camera mount. This is usually decided by the director.

Organisation crew

Based on the script, the budgert and your input we estimate we organise the personal. In most cases it is a least a cameraman and a director. If professional shootings they often accompanied by a technician ( ENG -Team ). When sound is really important( for example concerts) or a complex illumination is needed( for example theatre) there are also special crews for sound or light.
If actors or moderatos are used it is recommended to add a additional director for them. For close-up your also should add a makup-artist.
To geht closer to cinema standard you need more personal. Benefit from our experience in the area to choose the needed personal.

Organisation speakers

During the preproduktion we also cast the necessary synchron speakers. For example: minimum standard for the creation of an image of product movie is a professionel off-speaker (narrator).

Organisation equipment props

Almost every movie needs equipment props. We analyse the script and choose and organise the necessary props for you. This could be a clean company clothing or helmets for example.

Organisation travel, accommodation, food

Most people forget that there a lot of small thing to organise for a shooting. How they travel to the location, where they stay overnight at longer trips and something to eat.

Organisation actors

The selection of the main actors is done based on the script and in agreement with the contractor/customer. The decisions can be performed via pictures, demo-recordings or actual test shootings.
Extras ( actors without text) are generally choosed by pictures.

Organisation production studio

In some cases you might need a production studio.

Additional features of Movie production
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