Some people doesn’t pay much attention to the conception phase but it is one of the most important steps in your movie production because she has direct influence on qualtiy and cost of the final movie.
In this phase you create the base of your movie. It can be seperated in the following points:

Based on your goals and what you have ( budget, information, people) we help you to create the basic idea. What do you want to show?

After that we start our research with your help. We verify your basic assumption and goals. What do you want to express? What budget is really aviable? Which additional information do we need?


After that we create an expose. The expose is a short description of the movie idea and is needed to coordinate beetwen us and our customer.


The Treatment contains the first planning stages for the movie. I contains structure, topics and time tables.


The script contains text, and description of szenarios and music. At this point the flow of the movie is complete. Now the realisation process starts.


In bigger production follows the story board. Each scene is illustrated by several pictures on a board so that everybody is on the same page. The story board also contains each camera position. This step is only used in bigger or important productions because it is expensive.

Additional features of Movie production
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